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Eric Bergstrom  

I've been in the advertising business since Thirty Something was a hit on TV!

I started out on the creative side of the industry working as a Creative Director 

at a mid-size agency in the Newport Center.  We had the top 3 floors of the Beacon Bay building.  We threw some great parties for clients on that patio with the view of the Pacific Ocean and Fashion Island.  Good Times.  


Some of my first clients were Culligan (yeah, that same "Hey Culligan Man!" campaign), Books on Tape, The Newport Beach Conference & Visitors Center, BaronData Computers and Quantel to name a few.


We've seen a lot of amazing changes since those pre-dot-com days and there are many more amazing things yet to come.  I'm personally looking forward to the use of mental telepathy in advertising, but I've been told not to talk about that yet.


At BERGSTROMEDIA Services, we have a full crew of videographers, Graphic Artists, Video Editors, Musicians and Songwriters, Actors, Voice-over Talent and Online Optimization Professionals.  We deliver a full array of services to make your marketing campaign as effective as possible.


I have many years of experience in print, radio, TV, outdoor (billboards), direct mail and, of course, the internet and social media.


Oddly enough through all of these evolutions in the delivery systems transmitting information to potential consumers, some basic advertising tenets remain the same.  I'd tell you what they are, but then why would you need to hire me!


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