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Tom DeNault- 

VP  Commercial Supply, DeNault's Hardware


I have known Eric both personally and professionally for over 20 years.  Eric has my complete respect and trust when it comes to all matters of advertising and promotion. 


We have worked with Eric for many years on our print advertising, and more recently on our video and digital advertising.  He has extensive knowledge of the advertising options available, and offers valuable insight into the strengths and weaknesses of each.


Eric is a great guy, fun to work with, open minded, creative, and always a benefit to our business.

Heather Johnston - 

Executive Director at Dana Point Chamber of Commerce


Eric consistently brings new and innovative ideas to increase our membership and added extra value to our members.  He developed our Membership Spotlight videos which have been a successful program for the chamber and our members.   Eric has been the driving force in the success of these videos from developing the script and flow of each video to working with our members to showcase their business and increase their visibility within the Dana Point community.  Eric has also worked closely with the chamber to use these videos to increase our SEO on our website and improve out click-throughs in our email marketing.  We consistently see an increase in traffic and interest when we are feature a new Membership Spotlight video produced by Eric Bergstrom.  Eric is a great partner who cares about growing our business and exposure in the local community.    


Terry Ross - 

President, Dana Point Chamber of Commerce - Independence Bank

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Eric Bergstrom for five years through various business/community associations.  Through the years, Eric has been instrumental with marketing/advertising/consulting for my employer and always demonstrated creativity and excellent service.  Eric’s enthusiasm and drive to help the community are exemplary.  He is always out there to support our local communities, businesses and organizations.  You can find Eric in a top hat or cowboy hat, a Master of Ceremony for a Scholarship Awards Program, Announcer for the Swallows Parade, an Actor/Director in the Camino Real Playhouse, a Team Captain of a Membership Drive for the Dana Pt. Chamber of Commerce, or a Chamber Ambassador hard at work.  As Chair of the Dana Pt. Chamber of Commerce, I consider his dedication to the Chamber and community exceptional.  My hat’s off to you Eric Bergstrom!

Matthew Timmes - 

Managing Partner, Vintage Steakhouse & Gemmell's

I would strongly recommend for anyone or any business to engage Eric's services.  He has a deep knowledge of the advertising business which he can leverage to your benefit.  

Eric has many strong connections in the advertising world as well as being an exceptionally well connected local in South Orange County to many industries, governmental bodies and organizations that allows him a broad view of your needs.  He then is able to sculpt with you a path of growth based upon your budget, needs, as well as short and long term goals.


Eric is a someone I have engaged with for video, print ads, internet marketing, grass roots marketing, direct mail pieces, email marketing, text marketing, clubs, and many other facets for running multiple successful restaurants.  He is someone I consider a partner, as opposed to a person I work with.  I cant recommend Eric highly enough and if you are fortunate enough to have the opportunity to use his services...DO SO.


Diana Schmitt - 

Owner/Professional Photographer, Accent Portraits by Diana

Eric has always proven himself personable and honest in all our undertakings with him. We have worked with Eric many times over the years and always loved his enthusiasm for every project he is given. He is the consummate professional. I will always think of Eric's wonderful voice over the microphone at the community events, encouraging us all to buy another raffle ticket and to have a good time doing it! Always a pleasure to do business with.

Scott Seaver - 

President, Images / Creative Solutions

I have had the privilege of working with Eric on a variety of projects, and when he gets assigned (or more often, volunteers) to work on a program, such as being the Chairman for the Chamber of Commerce Membership Committee, or performing as the Master of Ceremonies for the Scholarship awards for the High School seniors, his obvious dedication and willingness to dive in headfirst is thrilling to watch.  

He is dedicated to community involvement, and consistently serves as a willing and committed ambassador of good will.  His ability to stand up and enthrall a crowd is testament to his drive to succeed and provide information and help to others is inspiring.

I am proud to call him my friend and coworker.


Tom Scott & Beverly Blake - 

President and Vice President, Camino Real Playhouse

Eric Bergstrom has lead Camino Real Playhouse into several appropriate advertising arenas.

He has been a constant contributor to the theatre with his community involvement and marketing guidance.  He stays on top of marketing trends and is involved in many civic groups. 


Eric has served on our Board of Directors, performed brilliantly on our stage in lead and supporting roles and has put in many volunteer hours with us to serve the community.


It is a pleasure to work with Eric and he is always fair with us.


Please do not hesitate to contact me should you require any further information.




Tom Scott, President

Beverly Blake, Vice President

Capistrano Center for the Performing Arts

Chris Dunn - 

Business and Marketing Consultant

I have known Eric for many years.  During our days as students in College I worked with Eric on several projects. Eric was always a creative and dedicated student with a professional attitude, and fun to work with. 

During my tenure at Jazz FM 88.5 KSBR, Eric was extremely supportive helping KSBR to promote our fundraising efforts. But what is even more memorable is Eric’s charming demeanor and eloquent speaking abilities. 

I’m so happy to hear that he is bringing his marketing expertise to BERGSTROM MEDIA. 
Eric is an individual that you can count on whether for his expertise or help with the community.  He is an asset to any business in any industry.

Fred and Fran 2.jpg

Fred and Francie Hill - 

Founders of The Ronald McDonald House

We can never thank Eric enough for the  lovely story he told. We have seen other articles, but you captured  events that began at Kim’s diagnosis nearly 52 years ago. Your research was so accurate and complete and we will always treasure 

the beautiful production you presented on SoCal Safari.  We loved it then and still now each time we see it I am truly touched by the memories you saved for us. Your talent is a special gift and we thank you for telling this story of

“The House that Love Built”.

So Eric, You have a very special place in our hearts

and surely always will.

With ️ & HUGS,

Francie and Fred Hill.

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